Great tips for improving your blog writing – Copywriting 101

Writing well and writing to persuade people to action are skills that are developed and learned. Good writing often appears very simple and easy to do, but it is not. It takes work and a commitment to learn and improve. I just stumbled across an article that can help you with your writing – Copywriting 101 – on This blog by Brian Clark has tens of thousands of followers and he offers practical skills to make you better.

Copywriting is traditionally a form of writing for marketing, but its very purpose is often to be persuasive. Writing for ministry is often persuasive as well, trying to encourage people to study their Bibles, or get more active in the Christian walk, or even if you are just trying to persuade them to read your blog – you are often trying to convince them to do something. Check out the article – it will help you become a better writer. Your readers will be glad you did. 🙂

Another blog that I have recently discovered that offers advice in this area is On Blogging Well. This blog offers advice and tips to improve your blog, make it more functional and increase readership. Check it out.

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